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About Inspire Group


Inspire Groups (IG) is a social enterprise, focusing on social economic development in Africa. We aim to help citizens achieve their potential to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. Inspire Group’s Headquarters are in Hargeisa, with representation in Kenya, UK and Sweden.
We are partnering with both local and international stakeholders to improve the lives of the citizens and achieve sustainable development, led and owned by the people.

Our Motives

Our motives for establishing IG were two-fold: to localize the development of our country and the continent as a whole; and to promote sense of pride, ownership and inspiration within the community while providing multiple high-level services to various clients, and reinvesting the profits made back to the local communities. We aim to mobilize local resource to achieve a lasting development and social wellbeing for all citizens.

Our Mission and Vision


Our vision is to see fully-developed Horn of Africa region with accountable governments.
Inspire Group sets the international standard for ethically delivered, expert services in conflict, post-conflict and fragile contexts. Through our work, we transform conflict and build stability, democracy, accountability and prosperity.
Inspire Group is an international consultancy and ethical service provider. Based on evidence and learning, we help clients and communities to build trust and understanding as the basis for transformative change. We do not advocate: we listen, comprehend and recommend.
Our mission is to achieve this vision, Inspire Group engages in a range of issues on social and community development. These include, but not limited to

Strategic Focus

  • Promote Youth Leadership and Political participation
  • Ensure that human rights laws are upheld
  • Democracy, Civic Engagement and Development
  • Support Bridge the gap between the government and its people
  • Support effective communication and dialogue.
  • Create events/campaigns that bring awareness and promote positive changes.




Jama I. Nor

Co-Founder, Chairman

Hibak Lary


Samir Dualeh

Co-Founder, Chief of Strategy Officer

Mohamed Yusuf Abdi

Chief of Operations Officer

Khadra Ismail

Chief Communications Officer

Suhur Ismail

Senior Associate

Our Partners