Hoggaamiye (which means The Leader) is an online platform which aims to educate both the Somaliland public and the international audiences on Somaliland’s democracy, laws and the elected leaders/officials. Hoggaamiye is intended to enhance public awareness about civic education and political participation in Somaliland. The main purpose is to create a socially and politically relevant democratic process in Somaliland.

Inspire Institute

Inspire Institute is a leading Somaliland think tank focusing on domestic policy, political economy, society, culture, and political thought. At the political level, it also lobbies to encourage the Somali institutions to incorporate stronger human rights initiatives into their policies.

Somaliland Awards

Inspire Group was proud to host first-ever Somaliland Awards which aims to draw attention and recognize Somaliland’s best & brightest value adding entities and individuals. The Somaliland Awards is the most comprehensive awards program covering a wide variety of economic and industry categories within the public, private and voluntary sector.