• Make a donation

Donating to Inspire Group will help us to produce cutting edge policy research and fight for progressive change across the Somali region. As an independent registered charity, we place a great value on personal contributions from individuals. If you are interested in donating, please email

  • Fund research

We carry out independent research across a whole range of policy areas, including the economy, work, skills, transport, democracy, the environment, education, energy, migration, healthcare, and many more.

We depend on funders and sponsors of specific projects to support this work. If you are interested in supporting research in one of these areas, or would like to hear more about our research programmes, please email us on

  • Sponsor events

IPPR runs a full events programme, bringing together top politicians and policymakers, leading writers and academics, business figures and other expert thinkers. If you’d like to sponsor an event on a particular topic, or if you are interested in Inspire Group’s party conference programme, please email

  • Become an investor

Inspire Group offers a range of investor packages for high value donors, with a variety of benefits available at different giving levels. We are seeking individuals who share our values, have a passion for change and an ambition for impact. We will work closely with you to understand your core policy interests, and determine a bespoke long-term partnership in return for your investment in Inspire Group. To discuss further please email Inspire Group’s chairman Jama Nor or contact us on

  • Join our partnership programme

Inspire Group’s corporate partnership programme is for organisations wishing to be at the forefront of policy formation and thought leadership. Our partners gain a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the key areas of public policy and have the chance to debate and discuss the bigger picture with some of the most important figures and brightest minds at our regular briefings, events and receptions

For further details about our partners programme, please email Hibaq Lary or contact us on