Somaliland Direction: Patriotic Citizens are the Foundation for Strong Governance and Unified Nation

Somaliland Direction: Patriotic Citizens are the Foundation for Strong Governance and Unified Nation

Regardless of the outcome of Somaliland presidential election, roughly half the country will be hurting. Somaliland is not alone in this situation. Widening social cleavages are evident in Britain and across Europe. But around the world, political systems have rebounded from far worse: civil wars, genocides, ethnic cleansing and apartheid.
In countries from Cambodia to Colombia, Rwanda to Bosnia, Germany to South Africa, severely torn and traumatized societies have undergone the process of healing, forgiveness and renewal — even though the path is often a bumpy one.

Inspire Group – IG believes the power of ideas and opportunities among us to work together to better our existence and take responsibility for our forthcoming future.

The main aim of this event was to launch social movement and intellectual curiosity on patriotism to generate ideas and new insights to promote social fraternity and unity. This event provided a platform to Somaliland intellectuals to discuss issues that matter the public in terms of patriotism. IG is striving to contribute to the patriotic upbringing of our future generations by inspiring the current generation to take responsibility in loving their country.

We believe some of the ways where patriotism can be exhibited and promoted include public talks and intellectual discussion that focus more on history and success of patriotism in the past.

We also believe, it was the right time to explore existing opportunities to develop new powerful initiatives that excite the public curiosity and to raise awareness to inspire individuals to love the country the same way they love families and themselves.

Some of the best way to inspire the public to be patriotic is to have them learn about their history and engage those who has achieved some level of patriotism and social status.

This weekend we were privileged to have Fathia Absie, a Somali American writer, filmmaker and a professional story teller with us as our Guest Speaker.

We would like to thank Fathia for her contribution to our 2th session of #SomalilandDirection events. She made a deep impression on all the participants! We were delighted with her contribution and as We had imagined, her thoughts, approach and insights provided us with a wonderful experience to what were to prove an excellent evening. The participants remarked on her tenacity, persistence, spirit, enthusiasm and courage. And the feedback has been outstandingly positive – Inspire Group have heard directly and indirectly that for many it was the most inspiring hour they have ever spent.

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