Somaliland National Employment Conference

On 29- 30 August 2018, a National Employment Conference was held in Hargeisa, Somaliland. More than 300 persons attended the conference to show solidarity with the principle of National Employment Accord. Participants came from government institutions, private sectors, young people, U.N. Agencies, INGOs, and LNGOs.
Somaliland national employment conference will provide a policy dialogue platform for exchange, discussions and information sharing among stakeholders. It will deeply be discussed on youth unemployment situation; analyze access to labor market challenges; promotion of social dialogue on youth employment; private sector linkages and challenges, Gaps in youth employment and training; Enactment of enabling private sector and economic policies to spur employment, strengthening collaborations and national employment forum and resolutions towards a national employment responsibility and action plans.
The national employment conference will have to inject a voice and action towards appropriate labor market policies, skills training and employment and help MESAF and line ministries come up with strategies to reduce youth unemployment through commitments to technical vocational training and education as a measure towards employment creation thus bridging the gap between private sector opportunities and youth capabilities.

Please find attached a PDF of the  Programme
Somaliland National Employment Conference

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