Somaliland Conference on Justice and Corrections

Somaliland Conference on Justice and Corrections.

The ground for reforms and activities is quite ripe and actors are ready to resume developmental and human rights activities with the formation of the new administration. The NDP2 was finalized in October 2017 through a series of consultations. The new government has set high reform, peacemaking and human rights agenda as its priorities for better governance and strengthening rule of law. With these reform agenda, a visible restructuring of administrative ministries and agencies are also set to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in overall justice delivery for the people of Somaliland.

NDP2, of course, is a living document which the new government is committed to. However, it is important to realign NDP2 priorities with that of the governance key priorities. Therefore, there is need to discuss and refine justice and correction priorities under NDP2 and provide further details and clarifications. The government is very keen on improving justice, correction and police functioning. A conference is being organized to discuss the key priorities with a wide range of organizations and   the international community to deepen the ongoing reforms processes.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, we have organized a high-level Somaliland Justice Conference, where international delegates from development partners, INGOs, UN agencies and Somaliland government officials attended. The conference was live-streamed on social media and was widely shared on social media. The hashtag #SomalilandJusticeConf. Was trending for couple of days, even after the conference, thanks to our social media campaign.

Objectives of Conference

The conference attempts to bring together on one platform the national justice sector actors, international donors, implementing agencies, civil society and think tank organisations to review and analyze justice and correction priorities of the government in line with NDP2 priorities and SDGs 2030 agenda. The key objectives of the conference are:

  • Enhancing understanding of NDP2 among national actors and international community especially after the formation of the new government.
  • Identifying the priorities leading to a justice strategy and action plan.
  • Establishing justice and correction coordination groups for complementing and harmonizing of work plans and activities.

Expected Outcomes

  • Determine and clarify priorities of the new administration injustice and correction sector and aligning it with NDP2.
  • Identify how the Justice and correction working groups can be established
  • Identify how M&E framework under the Governance working group can be established in collaboration with MoP


The participants of the conference were represented from various bodies including Somaliland national institutions, diaspora, think tank and NGOs, international partners and the United Nations.

National institutions

  • MOJ
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Planning
  • Chief Justice and the HJC
  • AGO
  • Chairperson Good Governance and Anticorruption
  • Human Rights Centre

Civil Society and Think Tank

  • Hargeisa university
  • Horizon
  • Saferworld
  • Axiom
  • Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum

International community

  • EU
  • FCO
  • DFID
  • The Netherlands
  • SIDA
  • UN Women
  • The World Bank
  • NRC
  • IDLO

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