Somaliland Direction: “The Way Forward”

Inspire Group is an independent, youth-led think tank that strives to promote good governance, transparency and accountability in Africa, and Somaliland in particular. We have recently organized the first Somaliland Presidential Candidates’ Debate, which was widely welcomed by the public and the international community. We aim to build on the momentum and give open-minded scholars a platform to assess the challenges and present recommendations for the new government and international partners.


Inspire Group is proud to host Somaliland Direction Conference-the new beginning.

Somaliland has recently concluded its third democratic presidential election, which was credited to be largely credible, free and fair election. The new President will take power on 13th December 2017.

There are enormous challenges facing the new government from the onset. Moreover, the expectations from the electorate are understandably high and will need the new government’s full attention and careful prioritization. This Conference will be opened by Khatumo Leader Ali Khalif Galeyr and UCID Presidential Candidate Faisal Ali Waraabe. HRC Chairman Guleid Ahmed Jama

The Conference aims to create scholarly discussion on sociopolitical and economic challenges and opportunities. We believe that the first 100 days set the tone for the new administration progress, effectiveness and focus. This Conference aims to bring together key scholars and experts across Somaliland to share insights on issues that are critical for the new administration to tackle.

Our main is to help carve a new direction on the main loopholes that are recognized to have created hurdles for the previous Government to work well with other key public institutions such as the Parliament. It also creates opportunities for both the policy and legislative making institutions to understand the issues that hold great public concern and require their concerted efforts and attention to keep the Government on track and deliver for its citizens. We are hoping that the Conference will be a platform to discuss and generate helpful discussions on policy formulation on critical government approaches including the interaction between Parliament, other government institutions and the citizens, the engagement with foreign countries and their leaders, the public, the media, and other relevant stakeholders.

Against this background, Inspire Group is organizing a Conference to discuss “what next for Somaliland”. This Conference will focus on key challenges and opportunities and priorities for the new government. We hope to bring together wide-ranging scholars and intellectuals and stimulate a debate on the crucial areas of public concern. There will be three main agenda points for the Conference – foreign policy/recognition, socio-economic issues and infrastructure, as well as domestic matters. In each area papers will be presented and debated.

Finally, the Conference aims to document key recommendations made by the panelist and produce a report, which will be shared with the President. This is going to be a scholarly contribution to bridge the gap between policy and practice and make an attempt to stimulate objective discussions about how the government should deal with socioeconomic and political challenges. The documents will also be refined to check its quality, relevance and content, aligning it to global best practices and standards and current government policies.

Please find attached a PDF of the  Programme.

Somaliland Direction: “The Way Forward”

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